The important methods for hair removal

As we all know, the common methods of hair removal are physical and chemical. The physical methods are shaving and pulling. From ordinary razors and scorpions, to advanced wax-based hair removal tools, the most advanced ones are various electric hair removal devices. Unlike other physical problems, the key to hair removal is to find the one that suits you best, not the most expensive. Interestingly, many of the girls’ hair removal products were the most popular make-up hair removal creams on the market. After many years, it was discovered that a handy razor was more than one-and-a-half-point more convenient than the former. Of course, it should be noted that the razor discussed here must be a woman-specific razor product, otherwise the final scene may be very fierce.

So what kind of easy-to-use ladies manual razor? In fact, Japanese KAI and Schick are enough to use, and other brands can pay attention to a few points.

1, flexible to the end, because all parts of the body need to shave the hair of different parts of the road, flexible cutter head can ensure that the skin fits, making hair removal more efficient.

2, blade design, although keratin damage is inevitable, but a good soft blade will almost not cause skin damage during the depilation process, the multi-blade blade integrated on the market is very safe to use, the disadvantage is not clean too easy.

3, the cutter head design, many razor heads will have a lubrication protection strip on the one hand, on the one hand to protect the function, on the one hand to make the operation easier.

The disadvantages of going to the second growth too fast, still think that the girls who are not good at razor probably do not have the correct method. Let me talk about the correct method.

1. It is best to carry out physical hair removal when the skin is wet. You can use the moisturizing lady’s shaving cream in a proper amount. The natural formula eos is very easy to use, and the skin can be kept smooth after the hair removal.

2, in the direction of hair growth “below the knife”, so that the skin will not be injured, but also can avoid the reverse growth of the hair that grows twice.

3. After finishing the hair removal, remember to shrink the pores, clean with a cool water or spray, and finally apply the moisturizer.

As for the hair removal wax, the benefits of beeswax are obvious, once used for a long time, but the pain is also true, usually more suitable for the use of limbs, but there are still some ways to relieve pain, such as the following. Brand, France Wei Ting Veet sensitive muscle hair removal wax paper Although the public to the bad street, but the use is also the highest, it turns out that the hair removal is absolutely safer than the pursuit of niche.

1. Before starting to remove hair, please use the circular massage method to let the skin fully absorb the moisturizing products.

2. Use a towel to heat the pores for about two minutes.

3. Reverse the growth direction of the hair when tearing the wax paper, and quickly peel off the skin.

4. Finally, use astringent water or spray to calm the skin.

In most cases, girls who adhere to the physical hair removal camp will use the electric hair removal device as the final destination. In any case, this once-in-a-lifetime investment is cost-effective compared to endless purchases of hair removal creams or high-cost laser removal at hospitals. Electric hair removal equipment is also divided into two types: “pull” and “shave”.

The principle of the electric razor for women is similar to that of the men’s razor. It is suitable for the lateral movement of the blade in the protective net to cut off the hair. The only difference is that it pays more attention to protecting the delicate skin of girls. Therefore, when considering the purchase, you can also refer to the men’s razor. For example, Philips, Braun or Panasonic have related products. Generally, the unit price is more than 300 yuan.

The electric hair removal device works like the tweezers. It can concentrate the hair from the hair follicles. The pain during use can be slightly lower than that of the beeswax. Compared with the above, Guokujun recommends it. Philips’ Satinelle is believed to be the first electric hair removal device for many girls. It can easily remove hair as short as 0.5mm, two-stage speed control, and can clean the cutter head. The price is less than 400 yuan.

In addition to the above-mentioned common hair removal products, in recent years, some props for special parts hair removal have been updated from time to time. For example, the erasing sponge for the hair of the limbs is really painless and thorough like propaganda, but it is more patience.

The bleaching cream for girls’ facial fluff has been burned for a while and is still enduring.

Regarding the hair removal products of the chemical camp, the faction is relatively simple. Whether it is a paste or a foam spray, the principles are similar. It is important to prevent allergies when using chemical hair removal products, so local trials before use are very important.

In addition to the above-mentioned two camps, the only way to solve the hair problem permanently is to go to the hospital for laser hair removal, but usually it has to be done several times to really achieve the effect of hair removal. The total price is about four digits, so Some girls simply buy a home laser hair removal device to DIY themselves, although it also requires a certain investment, but the results are very good, several times can achieve the same effect as the hospital.

The US tria 4X is a popular home laser hair removal device that focuses on the roots of the hair for permanent hair removal without the need for safety glasses and replacement of the bald head.

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