Benefits and precautions for hair removal

Hair removal helps the skin become white and delicate.

Usually there is no hair growth on the surface of the skin, and its delicateness is much higher than that of the hair growth site. The facial laser hair removal project that we are now common in medical beauty, the meaning of the invention is actually even skin tone and delicate pores.

Hair removal helps absorb skin care products and wear makeup.

Skin care products and make-ups that you buy at a large price are first absorbed by the hair, and secondly, the skin you really want to achieve. Hair removal is equivalent to pulling out the tree that eats your skincare makeup, letting the fertilizer flow to where it is going.

Now in Europe and the United States, even the popularity of full face shaving has become popular:

Huda Beauty’s make-up has been reported about how smooth the makeup is after facial hair removal.

But for most of our Asian girls, it’s good to go to the lips. Around the lips are places where many people have dull skin, and hair removal can help this.

Below, we take an inventory of the different methods of hair removal, and at the same time, look at what kind of hair removal you are suitable for.

NO.1 hair removal cream hair removal

One of the most common methods of hair removal, applying chemicals that dissolve hair, and then gently removing the hair with a shaving knife.

Advantages: Good to get started, always go home to remove hair at any time, no pain, and usually the price of hair removal cream is not expensive.

Disadvantages: Since the principle of the hair removal cream is to dissolve the hair, only the hair above the skin can be removed. The hair that lies beneath the surface of the skin grows again in a few days and is also tied.

Some sensitive skin, which has an adverse reaction to hair removal cream, is also a common shortcoming. It is recommended to do a small area skin test before use.


1. Time should not be too long or too short. Too short is not effective, too long may damage the skin.

2. Clean with a spatula and warm water. Do not wipe with a paper towel only.

3. After treatment with a shaving knife, the hair will not grow longer and thicker, longer and faster, which is a common misunderstanding.

NO.2 Wax hair removal

In fact, there is a distinction between beeswax hair removal: it is divided into hard wax and soft wax.

The hard wax is thicker and the wax itself will condense and can be directly torn off. The soft wax is like a layer of paint, and the surface should be attached with paper to be torn off.

It is generally recommended to choose a hard wax in the two, not so pain sensitive and skin friendly, and strong hair removal ability.

Advantages: Clean hair, uprooted. Once the wax is removed, the effect can last for about 5 weeks. The new hair grows out to be fine and soft, and is completely different from the hair removal cream. Can be used to remove lips.

Disadvantages: pain. In addition, people who have sunburn or who have recently done lasers cannot make waxing hair removal.


Smooth the wax and tear off the hair.

In addition, we may have heard “sugar hair removal” in peacetime. The principle is the same as waxing hair removal, which is to replace the wax with sugar, the basic ingredient is maltose (but can not eat), the pain is relatively low relative to waxing hair removal, suitable for large area hair removal. You can DIY in household sugar and a little lemon juice, and interested friends can check the recipe online.

NO.3 laser hair removal

 NO.4 enhanced pulsed light hair removal

Basically, if you go to the Senior Medical Club to handle your two hairs, this is the two choices you will hear.

The principle is basically very similar, that is, heating the melanin with light, and then burning the hair follicle with a very high temperature melanin. Therefore, non-black hair people cannot use this method to remove hair.

The difference between the two methods of hair removal is that the light used is different. A laser is a kind of light, and an enhanced pulsed light is more than one kind of mixed light. The difference in effect is that the laser hair removal effect is weak, and the effect of enhancing the pulsed light is good, but the short-term effect of the former on the skin is relatively small.

Advantages: The effect is obvious.

Disadvantages: A single price is expensive, and it takes more hair removal to completely say goodbye to the hair, which is more expensive.

I don’t want to go to the hospital to laser, but I don’t want to scrape the knife to cause the hair to be tied. What should I do? It is better to try to burn the hair! By borrowing an instrument that can smear the private parts by temperature, the scalded hairs are round and soft and will not stick. Both the hair was repaired and there was no trouble with the hair growing in the late stage.


1. Avoid using men’s razors.

2. Use shaving cream or shaving foam, use a shaving knife to clean, easy to rash.

3. Scratch in the shower, the temperature of the clean water should not be high, and the hair should be shaved after the water is turned off.

4. After the event, spray the bikini and shave the spray.

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